Who stands behind our products?

Ing. Peter Szalay

Experienced biochemist Peter Szalay is behind the formula of our products. "Influencing change creates the future" is a slogan that tries to be applied in human health as well. Not to wait until the disease forces us to react to its symptoms, but to make controlled changes in the internal (chemical) environment of a person in advance in order to improve his prospects for the future, or the current state of health. And that is precisely why ioy products were created, which will effectively help your health.

Biochemistry, analysis of vitamins and trace elements, consultations in the field of metabolism and healthy lifestyle

Ing. Peter Szalay is a recognized biochemist with extensive experience in diagnostic technologies and a leading figure in the clinical medicine laboratory. For many years, he conducted applied research with the aim of alleviating the manifestations of psoriasis. He is currently involved in research activities focused on autism, obesity, metabolic assessment. For a long time, he has been engaged in complex biochemical analyses, vitamin and mineral analyses, and consultations in the field of metabolism and healthy lifestyle.

️Ing. Peter Szalay is the author of the Metabolic Tuning concept, a concept based on orthomolecular medicine and a pro-active approach to health. It is based on the knowledge of L. Pauling (nobel prize winner) that in order to maintain good health it is necessary to supply the body with the right molecules in the right amount and also that low levels of vitamins and trace elements cause diseases at the cellular level to a much greater extent than we generally realize .

Our vision is to give clients a comprehensive view of their health status, understanding and, ultimately, its long-term solution.

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