Invite joy into your life, which does not end with menopause, but begins

A great way to improve your mood and boost your mental well-being. The unique blend of natural ingredients helps to cope with stress and nervousness, allowing you to live every day with a smile on your face. This highly effective combination is designed to support hormonal balance and minimize menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings. Take back control of your body and health!

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Main health effects


During menopause, the harmony of the body's reactions to the action of sex hormones is increasingly disturbed. Loss of estrogen impairs thermoregulation and the function of neurotransmitters, especially serotonin. The result is hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, vaginal atrophy, painful musculoskeletal symptoms, bone loss and an increased risk of cancer. The ability to perform activities effectively (memory, thinking, attention, ability to solve problems) decreases. This is also dealt with by ioy. MENOPAUSE.


Hormonal mood swings are almost impossible to correct, and feeling hopeless and constantly nervous is not good for our mental health. With ioy. With MENOPAUSE you can give complete peace to the symptoms of menopause.


Return to your daily activities without restrictions. Transition is just a season, not an end, go through it gracefully and without major damage to your physical and mental health.

The product is scientifically formulated to provide an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals along with soy isoflavones and active plant substances. Each capsule combines ingredients that are often only available individually and is designed to combat many of the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, such as mood swings, exhaustion, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, loose skin, weak bones, metabolic changes (including possible weight gain ), dryness and low libido. The product provides women with soothing support to help them overcome these fluctuations.

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Health effects

  • blocks the effect in the tissues of the reproductive organs, helps reduce the risk of hormone-dependent cancer (breast, uterus, prostate)
  • reduces the risk of hormone-dependent cancer, helps improve memory, attention
  • relieves hot flushes and sweating, improves sleep estrogenic effect
  • helps maintain bone density, prevents osteoporotic fractures, lowers blood lipid levels and reduces inflammation (atherosclerosis development)
  • helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, relieves flatulence, bloating, constipation and diarrhea
  • reduces vaginal atrophy and increases libido, reduces hot flashes and sweating, improves sleep
  • reduces irritability, calms and improves mood
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ioy. they trust:

Patrícia Molnárová Turiničová

Author of cookbooks about histamine intolerance

In 2015, I was diagnosed with histamine intolerance. Although my health has stabilized over the years, I consider a healthy gut to be the foundation of a person's overall health. That's why Good Gut agave fiber won my heart. Not to mention quercetin BOOST - the yellow "must have" of every histamine dependent person. I'm glad that IOY came my way, because the quality of their products and the human, even familial approach to the customer are rarely seen today.

Rehab Clinic

Physiotherapy clinic in Bratislava

All products have proven effects when used correctly. Our top physiotherapists can recommend tailor-made products that will be most suitable for the patient. We see excellent progress in our patients using these products.

Nina Peráčková

EDITOR @elleczech
FOUNDER @thenolimitsgym

ioy. he is my big heartthrob. After years of suffering, I finally have a healthy stomach and I happily recommend to my clients, friends and family. These products and the great biochemist Peter Szalay solved what had been bothering me for years. Product quality and a personal approach are exactly what you rarely find these days, but with you can. Thank you for your help.


A natural hormone-free nutritional supplement designed to alleviate menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.


A natural hormone-free nutritional supplement designed to alleviate menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.

Frequently asked Questions:

The reason for this combination is psychological discomfort, which is manifested by menopausal symptoms and is strongly associated with the dysfunction of the digestive organs, ie the intestines and the microbiota, because the normal function of the intestines depends on the cooperation of the cells of the tissues that form the inner lining of the intestines and the microbiota/intestinal microflora. A combination of these agents should be the first choice, as intestinal distress is believed to be a significant contributor to discomfort. ioy. GOOD MOOD solves intestinal problems and ioy. BOOST serves to strengthen the effect. In this case it is ioy. MENOPAUSE is the bearer of change and when combined with the agate complex, the effect is enhanced.

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