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ioy. they trust:

Patrícia Molnárová Turiničová

Author of cookbooks about histamine intolerance

In 2015, I was diagnosed with histamine intolerance. Although my health has stabilized over the years, I consider a healthy gut to be the foundation of a person's overall health. That's why Good Gut agave fiber won my heart. Not to mention quercetin BOOST - the yellow "must have" of every histamine dependent person. I'm glad that IOY came my way, because the quality of their products and the human, even familial approach to the customer are rarely seen today.

Rehab Clinic

Physiotherapy clinic in Bratislava

All products have proven effects when used correctly. Our top physiotherapists can recommend tailor-made products that will be most suitable for the patient. We see excellent progress in our patients using these products.

Nina Peráčková

EDITOR @elleczech
FOUNDER @thenolimitsgym

ioy. he is my big heartthrob. After years of suffering, I finally have a healthy stomach and I happily recommend to my clients, friends and family. These products and the great biochemist Peter Szalay solved what had been bothering me for years. Product quality and a personal approach are exactly what you rarely find these days, but with you can. Thank you for your help.